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Stock Call Rate Target Rate Stoploss Result
Date : 01-Mar-2017
Century Textile 953.00 944.00 Hit
Bata India 508.00 502.00 Hit
Sintex 97.00 96.00 Hit
Jubilant food 1020.00 1010.00 Miss
DLF 154.00 151.00
Power grid 194.00 192.00
News related to tips on 01-Mar-2017
As on 01-Mar-2017 08:47
Market trend today:
Market may open flat,later we expect volatile trading session!

As on 01-Mar-2017 08:51
Free calls added

Buy Bata India@508 SL 502,Targets 514-516-518

Buy Century Textile@953 SL 944,Targets 962-966-970

As on 01-Mar-2017 09:45
Free call on Target
Bata hits target,Free call given @508,made day high of 515.50 

As on 01-Mar-2017 09:46
Paid Intraday call
Sintex hits targets,call given @97,made day high of 98.70

As on 01-Mar-2017 15:44
Daily Report

Intraday calls:

Sintex from 97 to 99.40 day high,hits targets,

DLF & power Grid range-bound,

Jubilant food stoploss,

Century textile (Free call) from 953 to 960.90 day high,

Bata India (Free call) from 508 to 515.50 day high,hits target

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