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Stock Call Rate Target Rate Stoploss Result
Date : 27-Feb-2017
Coal India 327.00 322.00 Hit
Century Textile 945.00 935.00
Reliance capital 522.00 517.00 Hit
Berger paint 233.00 230.00
Arvind 375.00 370.00 Hit
News related to tips on 27-Feb-2017
As on 27-Feb-2017 08:39
Market trend today:
Market may open flat-lower side,later we may see a range-bound trading session!

As on 27-Feb-2017 08:46
Free calls added
Buy Coal India@327 SL 322,Targets 332-334-336

Buy Century Textile@945 SL 935,Targets 955-958-961

As on 27-Feb-2017 09:26
Paid Intraday call
Reliance capital hits target,call given @522,made day high of 529.50

As on 27-Feb-2017 09:30
Free call on Target
Coal India hits target,Free call given @327,made day high of 332.30 

As on 27-Feb-2017 10:10
Paid Intraday call
Arvind made day high of 379.15,call given @37

As on 27-Feb-2017 15:26
Daily Report
Intraday calls:
Reliance capital from 522 to 535.75 day high,hits Targets,
Arvind from 375 to 380.40 day high,hits Target,
Berger paint from 233 to 235 day high,Range-bound for almost all day,
Century Textile from 945 to  950.90 day high,Range-bound for almost all day,
Coal India (free call) from 327 to 332.30 day high,hits target!!!

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