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Stock Call Rate Target Rate Stoploss Result
Date : 10-Feb-2017
Infy 940 call option 26.00 17.00 Hit
Auro pharma 680 put option 13.00 8.00 Hit
Adani Enterprise 94.00 93.00 Hit
Sun pharma 660.00 666.00 Hit
Reliance capital 495.00 490.00 Miss
BF Utilities 429.00 424.00 Miss
Voltas 340 call option 14.00 7.00
TVS motor 408.00 402.00 Hit
Reliance Infra 543.00 536.00
Mcleod Russel 174.00 172.00 Miss
News related to tips on 10-Feb-2017
As on 10-Feb-2017 08:44
Market trend today
Market may open flat-higher side,later it will continue to be volatile!  

As on 10-Feb-2017 08:51
Free call added
Buy Reliance Infra@543 SL 536 Tgt 550-552-554

As on 10-Feb-2017 08:51
Free call 2 added
Buy TVS motor@408 SL 402 Tgt 414-416-418

As on 10-Feb-2017 08:56
Free option call added
Buy Voltas 340 call option@14 on closing SL 7 Tgt 20-21-22 in 2-3 trading days

As on 10-Feb-2017 09:43
Paid Intraday call
Sun pharma hits target,sell call given @660,made day low of 655

As on 10-Feb-2017 09:44
Paid Intraday call
Adani made day high of 94.80,call given @94

As on 10-Feb-2017 09:47
Paid Intraday call
Sun pharma hits targets,sell call given @660,made day low of 651.20

As on 10-Feb-2017 09:57
Paid option call
Auro pharma 680 put option given @13 today,made day high of 16.05

As on 10-Feb-2017 14:29
Paid Intraday call
Infy 940 call option given @26 on 8 Feb,made day high of 38,hits all targets

As on 10-Feb-2017 15:39
Daily Report
Intraday calls:
Sun pharma sell call from 660 to 650.10 day low,hits Targets,
TVS motor (free call) from 408 to 419 day high,hits Targets,
Reliance Infra (Free call) range-bound,
Adani Enterprise from 94 to 94.95 day high,
Reliance cap,BF utilitie,Mcloed stoploss,
Option calls:
Auro pharma 680 put option from 13 to 17.50 day high,hits target,
Voltas 340 call option (free call) from 14 to 17.50 day high  
Infy 940 call option (8 feb) from 26 to 38 day high,hits Targets

As on 10-Feb-2017 15:39
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