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Stock Call Rate Target Rate Stoploss Result
Date : 09-Jan-2017
Siemens 1164.00 1148.00 Hit
L&T 1390.00 1275.00
Hindustan zinc 266.00 263.00 Hit
Godrej Industries 445.00 440.00
BF Utilities 395.00 390.00 Hit
BEML 1145.00 1130.00 Miss
News related to tips on 09-Jan-2017
As on 09-Jan-2017 08:48
Market trend today:
Market may open flat,later we may see a volatile trading session! 

As on 09-Jan-2017 08:49
Free call added
Buy Siemens@1164 SL 1148 
Tgt 1180-1185-1190

As on 09-Jan-2017 08:49
Free call 2 added
Buy L&T@1390 SL 1275 Tgt 1405-1410-1415

As on 09-Jan-2017 09:22
Paid Intraday call
Hindustan zinc hits target,call given @266,made day high of 269

As on 09-Jan-2017 09:26
Free call on Target
Siemens hits target,Free call given @1164,made day high of 1182

As on 09-Jan-2017 09:40
Paid Intraday call rocks
Hindustan zinc hits targets,call given @266,made day high of 272.80

As on 09-Jan-2017 15:23
Daily Report
Intraday calls:
Hindustan zinc fom 266 to 274.60 day high,hits Targets,
Siemens (free call) from 1164 to 1182 day high,hits Target,
BEML 1145 to stoploss & then 1157,
Godrej Industries exited ahead of stoploss,
L&T (free call) range-bound, 
BF Utilities from 395 to 399.40 day high

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